Trip at Samaria

two out of three – the best compliment that can be

Last Sabbath I had gave a tour to one of the most problematic kind of groups I can possibly meet. I was not just that the group was of young girls, at the seventh grade. But more than that, it had contained several girls from my town that had the ‘Know it all’ look over their face. Just to make everything clear, the tour had started by a comment out of one of the girls, asking what kind of a tour can be in such a boring place. So I had so start with my most mysterious deceleration, stating about the unknown treasure hidden under Shavey-Shomron hill, suggesting that later on they will be told about the millions of dollars hidden in gold and diamonds. “But to get to that story we need to start from the beginning”, I noted and started with Josef.

Inexperienced as I am in guiding groups in Shavei-Shomron, I’m starting to see why teaching can never be boring. Each group is different, so each time I’m telling a story needs to be different. You need to sense the common background of the group, and adjust the stories. You need to find the one that knows it all, appreciate here, but still keep here under control. You need to approach the one that has the quick and irrelevant tongue, and keep here interested and focused.

It had been exhausting, It had been exciting. It had been totally different from any other group I had in the past. After dismissing the group I went to their teacher, asking as usual how it had been and if there is something to improve for the next time. “We gave you the hardest class”, she had told me, wise enough to say it only after it had been over, “Two out of three had been listening”, pointing straight to the battle I had been facing for the last hour. And just before I left the place, feeling a total defeat she had added, “So you can see that as the best compliment that can be”.

Two out of three - Hooray to me :-)

The photo had been taken from Midreshet Shomron at Shavei-Shomron