Not a treasure cave, but in Shavey-Shomron - Samaria - Israel

The Treasure Beneath My Feet

The biblical story, who became my favored, is the one with the unnoticeable detail about the treasure beneath my feet, or to be more precise, beneath my town. I think about it each time I dig a hole to plant a tree or fix some plumbing problem, dreaming about ‘The treasure beneath my feet’.

At about 800 bc, when Shomron, the capital city of Israel had been sieged by Benhadad, the king of Syria (distinguished from Jerusalem, the capital of the Jewish nation), four leprous found themself stuck between the city walls and the Syria army. They could not enter the city because of the leprosy, and even if they could, the city had been starved to death. Understanding that there is no point in staying between the two armies, they had decided to go to the Syrian army camp.

Once entering the army camp, they had seen the fire still burning, the food boiling above, but all the army had vanished, looking all over the camp, they had found no living soul. What the leprous had not known was that at night the Syrian army had heard a loud noise. Believing that the king of Israel had paid someone like the king of Egypt to help him, all the army had fled hysterically away, leaving everything behind and throwing on the way whatever they had carried on them.

First thing the four leprous had done was to eat, breaking the fast forced upon them by the siege. After that they had collected all the fortune found in the army tent, and hiding it in a hole in the ground, just to continue to the next tent, doing the same. Only after a while one of them had remembers that behind them, in the city of Shomron people are dying from starvation.

Since there is only one hill near the remains of the ancient city of Shomron, and that is the area of my town, I have no good reason not to dream about the treasure beneath my feet. Although some skeptics will probably claim that the four leprous probably had returned to take the treasure, my response is that as shown in history, people had dig for less, and that dreaming is one of the last things that are still free.

Whoever will visit my town will not be able to see remains of the Syrian army, or the infamous treasure, but will be able to see the beautiful view of the ancient city of Shomron, will be able to crawl into ancient Samaritan tombs and much more, but all or that is a part of a different story and a future post.