Deir Sharaf near shavei-shomron

The first one that had passed by my house

It had been Minister Rehavam Ze’evi who had said ‘At the land of Israel you need to walk barefoot’, explaining that ‘since each place you step, you step on a biblical story’. and there is no other place that it become more vivid then in the two capital city’s of Israel, Jerusalem, and near my home town at Shavey-Shomron.

Whenever i guide a group around the area, I try to take then to a uninteresting spot at the edge of the town, there at one side you can see the small industrial zone, with all its dirt and grime, and on the other side you will see abounded chicken coop. But if you follow my finger, pointing outside the town to an ordinary small intersection at the middle of a Muslim town named Deir Sharaf, you will find the exact spot we can point out and say ‘here was the first documented visitor’.

For him we need to go to Genesis 37 and to read about Josef that had been sent by his father Jacob to seek out after his brothers telling him that they feeding the flock at Shechem / Nablus. But at Nablus instead of finding them, a man is sending him to Dothan, a rich valley not far from there. So on he goes from Shechem to Dothan, walking on the only rode going through that area, passing the thicket natural forest I described while writing about THE LACK OF KNOWLEDGE BEFORE THE CAPITAL.

So each time I bring a group to that spot, looking down to the intersection, a ask them to find a man passing by, almost unnoticeable at such a long distance. When all the eyes are focused I ask them to imagine where it had all begin, with a young man with big dreams, passing by my [So will be] house, stopping for a cup of tea before what will be his worst day in his life.