Jordanian bunker at Shavei Shomron

My samaritan dreams

A reader of this blog had challenged me to create a wish list.

If I had been asked to write my personal wish list, it had probably contain three simple elements: Knowing how to draw with the rich colors as ‘Young Girl Combing Her Hair’ by Renoir, Playing Chopin’s raindrop and learning Arabic. But since I had never really learned how to paint, I don’t own a piano and especially to lazy to learn a new language, I’ll go on to the purpose of the challenge and write my wish list referring Shavei-Shomron.

The instruction had been from the small one, to the biggest and grandiose dream, so all start in small.

The apple - local art from Shavei-Shomron

The apple – local art from Shavei-Shomron

My small dream, and the smallest and most irrational is taking an old Jordanian bunker and creating out of it an art gallery. It’s a building with one room, built into the hill with a lovely entrance and a small playground outside. I got all the approvals to use the old dusty building, but it need a small amount of funds to place a new door, appropriate light and some plaster repairs.

As a person who loves nature, the second one is to investing more in gardening. Specific in planting a rich forest, that will create a green belt around the town. Taking my dream foreword, I had asked a landscape architect to provide a sketch of the idea, just to be able to estimate the cost, and he had provided much more than asked, providing the hole plan, hoping that the dream of us both will come true.

My next dream, and the closest to achieve, is to take an old abandoned building, that is placed in the most noticeable place in the middle of Shavei-Shomron, and to create out of it a Cultural Center for the people living at Shavei-Shomron and for visitors. The building is the most noticeable remains of the close history of the hill, and had been built as a part of the Jordanian Army camp headquarters. Unfortunately, today the building is standing deserted and shamed, waiting to the day someone will rise it to the glory it can serve ;-)

The third and most impotent / expensive will be described some day.