Salute, pregnancy coming by

Salute, pregnancy coming by

Claiming that the town I live in had started near a military camp will be an understatement; actually it had started within the camp. Each morning the kids had woke within the tents, just like the soldiers, and washed their faces with the solders at the same rusty trough. This close interaction had caused plenty of funny and surrealistic moments, like the sight of solders standing still at a military parade, while infants are crawling beneath their feet.

One of my favorite stories is about heavily pregnant women that by coincidence were married to an officer from a different corp.

At one of the winter cold nights, she had a desire for something sweet. Grabbing the closest coat around, she walked the short distance to the army grocery shop, deeply wrapped in her own thoughts. Only inside the shop she notice that behind here she left a tail of solders, standing frozen in attention, staring at here with fear mixed with disbelief.

Only after few moments of confusion and awkward silence, she had looked at the coat she had put on, and seen the military ranks of her husband, outstanding on here shoulder. It is not quite clear which one had been more embarrassed, the soldiers who had seen the most uncommon officer, or the woman herself.

Since then everything had changed, both the army tents and the settlers had long gone away. The military camp shrunk and the town grown bigger. But the lovely story remains.