Islamic terror at Shomron

Memorial Day shock

One day before the Israel independence day, we mention YOM HAZIKARON, “Day of Remembrance for the Fallen Soldiers of Israel and Victims of Terrorism”. a day to remember the people that thanks to their sacrifice we can live our private life as Israel’s citizens. as in many places, Here, at Shavei-shomron we have an official ceremony, that within we have the solders joining the settlers to one touching event.

As for me, it was the first time I had been there, deeply touched by the elegance and the precision on the stage. Switching smoothly from an act to prayer, from singing to reading memories of the dead. But it had been one segment that brought tears of sadness and anger to my eyes.

One by one they had came to the stage, each one had lost a family member because of Islamic terror act. Each one had spoken a few words about the dear one that ha died, telling a story that had framed his or her personality. One about a kindergarten teacher that had never spoken to a kid standing, keeping carefully her eyes at the same height with the children. Until a one day Islamic terrorist had stabbed her to death. The other one was a kid, ten years old telling a story he had heard about his dead father that had been shot one day while driving home.  Thank goodness these are rare occasions, but still, each loss is a vivid memory to the continues battle of the ancient Hebrew nation for independence.

But one of the speakers had been a young girl, about 8 years old. She had read about here sister that she had never known. A sister that that had been hit by a bullet while returning home from a family event.  She had been about the same age as the one standing on the stage, hardly reading from the paper in here hand. But it was just another story of sad loss, one more example of the vile enemy we are facing that can shot kids and slaughter infants in there beds. Until the last sentence. The last sentence the young girl had read was “The murderer had been released last month” and then she had moved to lit a candle.

“The murderer had been released last month”, this sentence had changed all the so called peace negotiation from headline news into real life. No longer had it been an act of no self-dignity, releasing murderers for the poor honor sitting with the Arabs around the tables.

Since the release of the terrorist, the world had seen that Abu Mazen has no true will to have peace, still dreaming of throwing all the Israel’s into the sea. The terror had returned to the roads, the IDF with hard work keeping it on a low scale. But thanks to Jon Kerry, we have the old terrorist back to the streets, back on pointing guns to children.

But as an old Hebrew quote says: we had survived Pharaoh, we will survive Kerry and his gifts. 


Photo by Magen david Adom