Swimming pool at Shavei-Shomron

Between the kidnapped kids and the pool

I had an interesting conversation with some kids at Shavei-Shomron, in which we had compared between the three kids that had been kidnapped last week, and a minor incident of some other teenagers that had broken into the swimming pool at Shavei-Shomron and done some damage.

The conversation had started after a woman had come by and told me that each time they hear noises from the pool; they look inside to catch the teens. With a mischievous smile I had asked the kids around to stop listening, and answered that if the kids had not broken into the pool, personally, I would have been disappointed. “Teens are Teens”, I told here, “Probably your best memories are of these prohibited foolishness”. She had replied with the youngest smile I had ever seen on her face, and shared a story of here days.

The Kidnapped Youths

The Kidnapped Youths

After she left I turned to the kids and to minimize the damage, telling them about the difference between foolishness and stupidity. “If the teens had only went inside and had a swim, probably no one had said a word”, I had explained, “But once that had damaged public property we had to make it stop”. But after passing that simple and reasonable point, the conversation had turned to a more sensitive topic, so we started to talk about math

“One more thing to consider is the question of probability”, I tried to explain, “What are the chances of drowning at the pool, while your friends are around, but let’s say”, I looked for an example, “a young kid, walking alone near the Arab towns…”. What I had not known is that the night before three kids had been kidnap. I will not write about the horror and the fear, it had been published by better writers than me. I’ll even not write about the prayers and the tears, not of the families that have no clue about their kids of the communities that try to support them. I’ll continue and write about the terrible fact that life goes on, and the teens had confessed and volunteered to work at the pool until they will repay the damage.

So everything had gone back to normal and live goes on, except for the families of the three kidnapped kids, families that are trying to gain hope. Everything had gone back to normal except for the three kids that had been kidnapped by the Arabs and we hope are still alive and that they will be rescued soon and safely.