One day, while sitting totally useless and hopeless, deeply depressed about being a human, counting the final days before the sun will burn itself out, i asked a friend to comfort me by the only thing left on earth: a cup of coffee. Just think how much I’ve been shocked seeing here bringing me the coffee in the wrong time of cup. The next ten minutes i gave her a detailed lecture about the nuance between each type of drawing, and their importance of matching the correct drink to the proper cup. So she replied “aha”, and left.

Terrified by the ignorance of the people on earth about the importance of a proper cup, I decided to dedicate my meaningless life for a noble cause: educating the world and probably being the first Cupologist on earth.

My English is poor, so feel free to correct when needed. And my knowledge about cups is never enough, so I’m eager to read your insights about cups, mugs and so.


The first Cupologist on earth.

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