As a child, every time I heard about Abraham who lived in Beer-Shiva, I had been excited. It is more than exciting to hear that you live in the same city as the first of the three Patriarchs of Israel. But except the name of the city, the only sign that Abraham is the Abraham’s Well, which despite the promising name, any connection between Abraham and the well is merely coincidental. So hence my passion for historical stories and mythic tales about the surrounding, under such weak connections, the passion had just fade away.

That all changed when I moved to “Shomron”, Samaria. A place that above the historical weight of the name itself, hides countless stories behind every stone and above every hill. It’s not ancient history of another nation, with different language that represents a different culture, but a living history of a nation which speaks the same language I speak today, and experience events that affecting the way  I live my life today, whether consciously or unconsciously. But the significant of the history is more than for the ‘I’, it is the history that had shaped all the Monotheistic cultures as they are today.

To see on one of the hills the ancient Jewish Bible kings come to life, moving aside to give place for  Alexander the Great and the Greek culture, On the way creating a new religion that will stay hiding in that piece of land until today. The rise of the Maccabees just to be replaced by King Herod and Roman culture at the height of its glory. Behind them, the grow of Christian religion that will shape half the world. And fall of the Byzantium by the huge conquests of the Muslim religion that continues to conquer the world today. All this alongside modern history characters that walk around and rebuild the ruins, while still around us are people and conflicts that threaten the stability of the world.

So, this is the stuff I want to try to post here, with my poor English and lack of knowledge. If something sounds weird, it’s probably because of me, do not hesitate to correct or ask. And if you find yourself somewhere around, you are certainly welcome to contact or come to visit.

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